Please remember to pack your child’s lunch in a microwave friendly container if you would like their lunch to be heated up.  If your child’s lunch arrives at school in a metal container we will assume that it is ok to serve it cold.

Community Lunch
Every Friday we have community lunch with lunch provided. Please pack your child a lunch if they do not like what is being served or there are dietary restrictions.

Child Sign-ins
Pre-k teachers are excited to experiment with new sign-ins! This year, children will be practicing signing their names to model what print looks like.  Please encourage your child to sign in independently.  Teachers save children’s sign-ins to track their writing throughout the year.  It is not uncommon for children in the first year program to begin their sign-ins using a fist grip and scribbles; these scribbles eventually transform into letters and a pincer grip as children develop.  Teachers intentionally meet children where they are developmentally and support them accordingly.  Thank you to all parents for supporting us with sign-ins!

We Will Be Contacting You
Your child’s advisor will be contacting you in the next couple of weeks to check-in with you about your child’s transition to school.  This will also be a great opportunity to answer any questions you might have.

Reminder that we are asking that all your child’s belongings are labeled. This includes anything from socks to lunch containers. Labeling is an immense help for both the children and teachers in being able to distinguish what  belongs to each child. It can also help children take responsibility for their own belongings and making sure they get back into their cubbies. Thank you families for all the great labeling.

Please remember to pack your child's sneakers everyday for exploring and adventuring outside. You are welcome to leave your child’s indoor shoes at school.

Save the Date!
September 28th is Pre-k Parent Night from 5:30-7:30pm.

Please contact Christina  for information, questions,  and to sign up for after school.

Every week a family will bring healthy, organic snacks to share with the class. We encourage fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese sticks, and other fresh foods. A schedule, along with a list of great examples of snacks can be found in your child’s folder at school. Reminders will be posted here (in Friday announcements) weekly.  Please let Emmy know if your family has a conflict with the week you are scheduled. 

We will provide snack for the first two weeks of school (week of August 30th and September 4th).  The Everett Family is scheduled to bring in snack for the week of September 11th. Below is a reminder for upcoming weeks:
Below is a reminder for upcoming weeks:
September 18th: Addison May
September 25th: Asher Reimer
October 2nd: Joshua Finkel
October 9th  (4 day week): Ada Baker

Thank you families for providing delicious fresh options for your children!