Snake River Bridge Mural Project
This past spring during a journey to the feeding grounds south of town, 9th and 10th grade students met with Jared Baecker of the Snake River Fund as a part of the integrated water unit. During this journey, faculty began discussing with Jared other opportunities for connection and education between Journeys school and the Snake River Fund. Jared mentioned that his organization was interested in having a mural painted on the bridge pilings near the river input next to R-Park in Wilson. Since that first mention of the mural project, Journeys School faculty have been working to make the mural a real possibility, with Heidi and Jonathan taking the lead on organizing and facilitating all of the necessary steps that go into such a large scale project. Currently in art class, Heidi has been working with students at all levels to create a model of the final product which will represent the Snake River throughout the four seasons. Jonathan has been incorporating grid calculations into his math class and next week 9th and 10th grade students will journey to the Wilson put-in to mark out the grid on the piling in order to break down each part that needs to be painted. In Environmental Science, Amanda will start the second quarter by having students study phenology, and specifically inquire about the plant and animal species present along the Snake River throughout the seasons in order to provide them with the background information to add in the correct species to each of the mural panels. Keep watching Weekly Announcements for updates of this project throughout the school year. The final product might not be completed until the start of the 2018-19 school year depending on spring river flows.

9/10 Environmental Science Journey to R-Park

9th and 10th grade students will be heading to R-Park for a journey Thursday, November 2nd to consider the debatable inquiry question of their current unit: Can humans recreate/rebuild ecological communities? Considering that prior to R-Park revitalizing the area along the Snake River in Wilson, the space that is now a community park was a commercial gravel pit, this is a great location to debate whether or humans are capable of rebuilding healthy ecological communities.

Winter Sports at JHHS
Please see information below regarding winter sports starting for JHHS.  Please see start times and locations, as well as the required forms.  Students without the correct forms will not be allowed to practice.  If you have any questions please contact Mike Hansen, JHHS Activities Director,

JHHS Sports/Activities - Start Dates - Locations - Coach contact
Alpine Skiing - Monday November 20th - 3:10 at JHHS -Cody Hansen
Boys Basketball - Monday November 27th - 4:10 at JHHS -Sam Lunz
Nordic Skiing - Monday November 13th - 3:10 at JHHS -Kathryn Paddock
Speech and Debate - Monday - October 9th - 4:00 at JHHS -Londe Gagnon
Wrestling - Monday November 27th - 4:15 at JHMS -Ed Anderson

Required Paperwork
The following are required before a student may participate in a TCSD sport, including practice or competitions.  Do not turn in forms to coaches, please turn in all fees and copy of the physical to the activities office:
A physical dated after May 1st, 2017
Complete activities registration form
Acknowledge the activities code of conduct (done on activities registration form)
Submit the $50 activity fee (JHHS Student), (max of $100 for a family)
ALPINE/NORDIC ONLY - Travel Release for the season