Parent Conferences
Parent conferences are happening next Wednesday, October 25 from 4-8pm. Please sign-up if you haven't already at
This past Wednesday we had an opportunity to meet with many parents and discuss their child's learning. Academic engagement, community connections, and character development were all themes that we look to address either explicitly or implicitly through our work here at the Journeys Middle School. This is important work for not only your child but for our society. I am reminded of Seth Godin's quotes on the important distinction made through our approach.

Traditional schooling is based on top-down power, fear, and an elusive carrot. It uses brute force to move large numbers of people down a straight line of education toward a norm. - Seth Godin

In one question, then, an easy way to understand modern education: “Will this be on the test?”? ?The student absorbs, the student regurgitates, the student gets the prize of a degree (and a job). Modern industrialized education is like a job because, in large measure, it’s funded by the very same folks who offer jobs. It’s like a job because school was invented to train us to be compliant in our jobs. And it’s like a job because compliance is easy to scale. -Seth Godin

Thank you for choosing to partner with us in this Journey will call education and learning. We strive to find individual success regardless of what that looks like for your child. I look forward to more engaging conversations about how to best support your child in their path to confidence, independence, success, and happiness.

Schedule Change:
Next Thursday 10/26 we will be running a Friday schedule due to all of the missed Fridays this month.

Haiku Training
If you would like to become more familiar with Haiku, please reach out to Ethan Lobdell via email to schedule a time to sit down and learn the ins and outs of Haiku. He is happy to support your ability in using this important resource. A more immediate fix is to ask your child to show you how they navigate Haiku and look for important information.

Halloween Party for MS & HS Students
Thursday, October 26, 4:00-6:00 pm (no school the next day!)

Students: Please join us for at the (free!) Halloween Party at Hole Bowl for middle and high school students! We'll have a costume contest, bowling, snacks, and more! Please RSVP to Warren at and click here for more info.