A Flood of Wonderful Books
We appreciate all the parents who helped make the book fair possible and all of the families that donated teacher choice books to our classrooms. We have all kinds of wonderful new books in circulation and the students are enjoying them tremendously!

Big 5
Thank you for sending students to school prepared for cold and snowy weather. Although our snow is missing right now, the temperatures have been pretty chilly and students are happy to be able to bundle up at our outdoor time.

Service Learning on December 18th and 19th

Looking ahead, we are in the midst of planning journeys and service learning for the Monday and Tuesday before break. Stay tuned for more detailed plans to come and be aware that we will be out and about in the community. Parents, contact Bari or Shannon with any ideas or interest in participating.

The Encouraging Ermine Start Drama

Zach has been busy with the Ermine group to prepare them for participation in a drama production about the Lewis and Clark expedition. Our theme of explorations continues!

Thanks to our snack and rag volunteers. Lisen is on this week and for 12/8 Heather Overholser and Rudelle. Tamsen is on rags for 12/15. Thanks also to Meladi Hagedorn and the Kleyman family for teacher treats this week. Thanks to Cindy Daly for delivering all of our teacher books!!