R Park Journeys
We will be heading back to the R park Tuesday, January 23rd and Wednesday, January 24th.

We Will Be Calling You…
Your child’s advisor will be calling you over the next two weeks to answer any questions that you may have about next year’s plans.  Our next Learning Team Meetings are scheduled for mid-March, at which time we will review your child’s development.  We look forward to talking with you.

Thank you to the Engle family for providing snack this week!  The next family up is the Nydam family scheduled for the week of January 15th.
If you have a conflict with the week that you are signed up for or have any questions, please direct them to Emmy at emmy.watsabaugh@journeysschool.org
Below is a reminder for upcoming weeks:
January 22nd: Owen Daley
January 29th: Lola Lundgren-Dickey
February 5th: Phoebe Scott
February 12th (4 day week): Thea Adams
February 26th: Sofia Morales
Thank you families for providing delicious fresh options for your children!