8th Grade Visits the High School
This coming Monday (11/6) and Tuesday (11/7) the 8th grade students will spend the day upstairs in the high school shadowing students in grades 9-12 in order to experience what the Journeys High School has to offer.

TOK Presentations 2017

Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is a core class in the Diploma Program.  It is an introduction to epistemology course and students have the opportunity to reflect on the nature of knowledge across a multitude of subject areas. Students have two official IB assessments for this class: an essay and a presentation. The TOK presentation is an exploration of knowledge, where students develop and analyze a knowledge question based on a real-life situation that is of interest to them. They will be presenting next week and all are welcome to attend! The topics are chosen by the students and quite intriguing! The schedule is below. Each presentation will be about 10 minutes with a few minutes for questions at the end of each one. Presentations will take place in the HS north classroom. For any questions or further information, please contact shoshana.kobrin@journeysschool.org.

Tuesday November 7, 2:15pm
Jack VanHolland: To what extent are we morally obligated to tell the truth? James Veitch creates humorous lies to antagonize online scammers.
Malie Curren: To what extent does society value product over action? The contradiction between personal behavior and artistic contribution.
Will Dykema: How do we come to know what we believe? Paul Haggas justifies leaving Scientology.

Wednesday November 8, 1:00pm

Caleb Kern: To what extent can we justify acting on personal interests and beliefs over shared interests and beliefs? US trade isolation of Germany prior to WWI.
Sydney Kitchen: To what extent are we willing to accept reason without supporting facts? The French paradox: To avoid heart problems, drink more wine.
Forrest Bucholz:  To what extent can humans justify altering the natural world? An exploration of reintroducing species into the GYE.

Wednesday November 15, 2:00pm

Jack Burkitt: To what extent can truths be self evident? Looking at the preamble to the US Declaration of Independence

Sports Physicals for $20
If your child is planning to participate in sports at JHMS or JHHS, they must have a sports physical dated after May 1, 2017.  St. John's Urgent Care (by Smith's) is offering $20 sports physicals on Saturday, November 18 from 10:00 to 4:00. No appointment is necessary.
Location: St. John's Family Health & Urgent Care
Date: November 18th for student athletes entering grades 6-12
Time: 10-4
Cost: $20, cash or check only (payable to St. John’s Medical Center)
Other Info – No appointment necessary. Students must have a completed form with them, signed by a parent or guardian. Click here for a blank form.
Sports physicals at other dates are available at the regular rate of $65.