We Are Looking For…
We are looking for donations of fabric, ribbon, thread and sewing elastic. Thank you for considering donating a few or some of these items!

Learning Team Meetings
Learning Team Meetings are coming up in mid-March.  More information regarding these meetings will be coming out soon. 

R Park Journeys
It’s that time of month again where we get to go on journeys to R park! We will be heading back on Tuesday, February 27th and Wednesday, February 28th.  We are excited to see what has been happening at R park.


The next family up is the Morales family scheduled for the week of February 26th.
If you have a conflict with the week that you are signed up for or have any questions, please direct them to Emmy at emmy.watsabaugh@journeysschool.org
Below is a reminder for upcoming weeks:
March 5th: Taylor Handley
March 12th: Thea Adams
March 19th: Leo Jones
April 9th: Taylor Handley
April 23rd: Addison May
April 30th: Thea Adams
May 1st: Arlo Souter

Thank you families for providing delicious fresh options for your children!