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Current updates by grade level.

  • Friday November 3, 2017
  • Pre-K Announcements

    Save the Date: Our Community Soup will be Friday, November 10th
  • Thursday October 26, 2017
  • Elementary Announcements

    Students are invited to come to school in costumes on Tuesday, October 31st for our mini- Halloween parade through the Middle School. Parents are welcome to come watch. This is a G-rated event that includes PreK students, so please leave fake weapons and gore at home.
  • High School Announcements

    9th and 10th grade students will be heading to R-Park for a journey Thursday, November 2nd to consider the debatable inquiry question of their current unit: Can humans recreate/rebuild ecological communities?
  • Middle School Announcements

    Thank you to all the parents and teachers who participated in parent conferences to support student learning.
  • Pre-K Announcements

    Thank you to the members of the Parent Council for helping to organize the Pre-K Halloween Celebration! We are looking forward to celebrating on TUESDAY, October 31st in the Pre-K classroom.
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