TIME CHANGE from 6:00 to 7:00 pm
A Cappella Group Sings for the Special Olympics!
Tuesday, February 7, 7:00 pm
Jackson Hole High School Auditorium

As you may have heard, the Journeys School a cappella group has been given a wonderful opportunity: to sing the “Star Spangled Banner” at the Special Olympics opening ceremonies. In addition to the National Anthem, they will also sing some of their a cappella favorites to add to the celebration. All community members are invited to participate in this heart-warming event. (The Opening Ceremonies should last about an hour, finishing around 7:00 pm.) Thank you for supporting the Journeys School a cappella group and the Special Olympics!

Journeys School Eighth Grade Fire Awareness Fundraiser Takes Flight
Wednesday, February 8, 1:30-2:45 pm
Albertson's, Smith's, and Jackson Whole Grocer

On Wednesday, February 8, the seventh graders (led by the eighth grade capstone class) will hold an event that supports both Teton Raptor Center and Jackson Hole Fire/EMS. The eighth grade class has worked for several weeks to make t-shirts to support Jackson Hole Fire/EMS and to educate our community about fire prevention. All t-shirt profits will benefit the Teton Raptor Center. The eighth grade class divided into five sub-committees to complete each component of this project. They created an event group, a t-shirt design group, a budget group, a public relations group and a marketing group. Please come support their efforts to strengthen our community when they sell their t-shirts at Albertsons, Smith's, and Jackson Whole Grocer between 1:30-2:45 pm on February 8.

On Your Child’s Mind
What is your child studying in language arts, technology, and math? Read on and find out!

Language Arts, science, and technology integrated project: Because of the students’ extensive knowledge of microbes, the human body, and disease, they have been chosen to attend a prestigious meeting of world-class scientists to identify the most threatening diseases facing our planet today. Given all the money being spent on keeping the peace, feeding the hungry, and providing for the poor, there is limited money available to spend on fighting diseases. The purpose of this forum is to decide which diseases are the most dangerous so we can spend our limited amount of money funding research, education, and treatment options. The decision of the forum could save millions of lives, maybe even billions of lives, depending on which disease is chosen to receive this precious funding.

To prepare for the forum for the past two weeks in language arts and technology classes, each scientist researched a specific disease, produced a public service announcement (PSA) in the form of a podcast, and presented at the forum before all members voted to decide which disease deserves the most funding. The results of the vote will be shared in next week’s announcements. Ask your child what disease they studied, what diseases they voted for, and why they believe those diseases deserve funding.

The words in Math 1 this week are decimals and homework. Students have been applying their understanding of number sense and arithmetic operations to decimals. Many students have found decimals easiest to understand through their similarities to fractions. With the start of the new semester expectations have been raised and students are learning about the need to take personal responsibility with their homework. A popular metaphor in class has been the comparison of topics and homework, to understanding how to shoot a basketball and practice. Support your student by giving them time and focused spaces to complete work.

At the beginning of a new semester Math 2 students are starting work on algebraic expressions. They began by looking for patterns in figures and learning how to express those patterns in algebraic terms. During the process they learned the meaning of assigning variables to particular objects in the figure. Currently they are evaluating the expressions and learning to simplify by combining like terms. On a side note, to culminate their work in this area, students in Math 2 combined with Math 3 students for a joint project on the relationship between volume and surface area. They built 3-D buildings to help visualize the change in dimensions. Make sure to ask your child about the building they created and what it looked like when they finished.

Students in Math 3 wrapped up their unit on volume and capacity with a unit quiz on converting capacity to volume of given objects. Students now know how to find the volume of spheres, cylinders, cones, and cubes. To help visualize the relationship between volume and capacity, students also completed a group project in class requiring them to make a building out of blocks. By doubling and finally tripling the size of their building they were able to visualize the difference and relationship between surface area and volume. Make sure to ask your student about the building they built and how the dimensions of the building relate to the volume.

Thank You, Len, For the Brain!
The science faculty and middle school students would like to thank Len Carlman for sharing his preserved bison brain with us! Seeing a real brain has sparked interest and inspired many thoughtful questions about the brain. Thank you!

Thank You to the Watson Family!
A big thank you to Rhonda, David, and Nathan Watson, for washing the middle school Hands to Work rags! Our buildings are put to the test each day with busy learning and bustling activity and we appreciate the support to leave them in a clean fashion every afternoon. These re-useable rags make a huge difference in our daily cleaning!

Important Dates
Tuesday, February 7: A Cappella groups sings at Special Olympics, JHHS, 7:00pm NOTE TIME CHANGE FROM 6:00
Wednesday, February 8: Fire Awareness Fundraiser, 1:30-2:45 pm
Thursday, February 9: Re-enrollment Deadline
Thursday, March 1: Tuition Assistance Application Deadline