Activities Shuttle
The school has revised its activities shuttle policy to better ensure that all students may have a ride from Journeys School to Teton County School District schools every afternoon in order to take part in extra-curricular activities outside of Journeys School. Please click here to read the revised policy. If you have any questions, please contact David Porter at 734-9866 or

A Cappella Group Sings for the Special Olympics!
Tuesday, February 7, 6:00 pm
Jackson Hole High School Auditorium

The Journeys School a cappella group has been given a wonderful opportunity: to sing the “Star Spangled Banner” at the Special Olympics opening ceremonies! In addition to the National Anthem, they will also sing some of their a cappella favorites to add to the celebration. All community members are invited to participate in this heart-warming event. (The Opening Ceremonies should last about an hour, finishing around 7:00 pm.) Thank you for supporting the Journeys School a cappella group and the Special Olympics!

Journeys School Eighth Grade Fire Awareness Fundraiser Takes Flight
Wednesday, February 8, 1:30-2:45 pm
Albertson's, Smith's, and Jackson Whole Grocer

On Wednesday, February 8, the seventh graders (led by the eighth grade capstone class) will hold an event that supports both Teton Raptor Center and Jackson Hole Fire/EMS. The eighth grade class has worked for several weeks to make t-shirts to support Jackson Hole Fire/EMS and to educate our community about fire prevention. All t-shirt profits will benefit the Teton Raptor Center. The eighth grade class divided into five sub-committees to complete each component of this project. They created an event group, a t-shirt design group, a budget group, a public relations group and a marketing group. Please come support their efforts to strengthen our community when they sell their t-shirts at Albertsons, Smith's, and Jackson Whole Grocer between 1:30-2:45 pm on February 8.

Middle School P.E. Update
With fitness assessments complete and the ski days here and gone, it is time to move on to other winter sports. There is NEW fun on the horizon and it involves the ever popular ice rink on campus. Starting next week we will begin our broomball unit. So put those padded snow pants on and be ready to slide around the ice! Students will need to wear FULL winter gear: snow pants, boots, coat, hat, gloves. They may remember it referred to as “the Big 5” in the elementary days. So ditch the skate shoes and put on a hat for we will be outside for most of February.

Welcome Graduate Students!
Six graduate students from the Kelly Campus of Teton Science Schools will join the Journeys School community for a seven-week Teaching Practicum beginning in February. The purpose of the practicum is to explore big picture questions about education in America while providing a meaningful, mentored experience in an innovative school. Graduate students will work closely with Aaron Nydam, a Kelly Campus faculty member and former Journeys teacher, and a host teacher to ensure quality instruction and a smooth transition to the culture of each classroom. Working together, the Journeys Teaching Practicum will bring additional energy and richness to the Journeys student experience.

Journeys School Ice Rink Opens!
If you walked up the path to Journeys School this week, you might have spotted the newest addition to our campus - an ice rink! We are thrilled about the opportunities that await us with this rink and thank all those involved in its setup. Middle school students reviewed the ice rink rules and regulations this week and are encouraged to bring a hockey/bike/ski helmet (required for all on the ice), skates, and a hockey stick for times they want to be on the ice. For the time being, students are allowed to use the rink with faculty supervision during recess. Please contact your student’s advisor with any questions about the ice rink.

On Your Child’s Mind
What is your child studying in science, Spanish and social studies? Read on and find out!

Science: How do we protect ourselves from attack? This is the unit question middle school scientists tackled with their investigations into infectious disease. To be healthy and happy, we need to defend ourselves against invaders, such as pathogenic viruses, bacteria, and protists. The human body does this with the finely-tuned actions of the immune system. Students became acquainted with the white blood cells and lymphatic system through readings, illustrations, videos, and skits. Ask your child to explain to you the many answers to our unit question. Our attention then turned to review for the comprehensive final, which was on January 23rd. With the new semester, students will launch into studying the human brain, engineering, and electronics.

Spanish: Cross the street. Turn left at the corner. Continue straight. The museum is on the right. The desire to explore a foreign city motivates many language learners. Middle School Spanish students are developing their vocabulary about cities as we continue to study vocabulary about cities and directions during unit 5: La Cuidad. Ask your student, ¿Qué significa el museo o el castillo?

Social Studies: This week students wrap up their investigation of ancient Rome with a look at violence in the form of entertainment, the birth of Christianity, and the collapse of the empire. These investigations will not only conclude students’ study of Rome, but also serve as a launch pad for our exploration of medieval Europe. Be sure to ask your student about this week’s analyses of Roman art and discussions of the gladiator games!

Martin Luther King, Jr.
Thank you to middle school students for their participation in Monday, January 16th’s celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. Students were engaged in discussions and activities on topics including segregation, the birth of the Civil Rights Movement, King’s assassination, and his legacy. Students contributed a great deal of sensitivity, thoughtfulness, and curiosity to the day’s activities and should be commended for their efforts. Well done!

A New Toaster in the Middle School
Thank you to Alanna DeMuro and her family for donating a toaster to the middle school. This addition provides more options to students for lunch. We appreciate the DeMuros identifying a need and fulfilling it!

Important Dates
Tuesday, January 31: Bring a Friend Day for Grades 3-12
Wednesday, February 1: Admissions Application Deadline
Wednesday, February 1: Middle School Open House / Info Night, 5pm
Thursday, February 2: Parent Council Coffee, 8:15-9:30 am
Thursday, February 2: Pre-Kindergarten Open House / Info Night, 5pm
Saturday, February 4: "Snow Ball" Gala & Auction, 6pm
Thursday, February 9: Re-enrollment Deadline
Thursday, March 1: Tuition Assistance Application Deadline