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Current updates by grade level.

  • Tuesday February 7, 2012
  • Pre-Kindergarten Announcements

    On Tuesday, February 7 and Wednesday, February 8, the Outdoor Snow Explorers will journey to Teton Village to visit Brett Gensch (Wolfi’s dad).
  • Wednesday February 1, 2012
  • All School Announcements

    Based on numerous requests by parents, a pilot program for adding a second day of community lunch each week is starting.
  • Pre-Kindergarten Announcements

    Thank you for coming to Parent Night and helping us create a dragon. We know we really challenged all of you and you rose to the task.
  • Elementary School Announcements

    Are you interested in your child's weekly school schedule? What days do they have art? What days do they have P.E.?
  • Middle School Announcements

    The school has revised its activities shuttle policy to better ensure that all students may have a ride from Journeys School to Teton County School District schools every afternoon in order to take part in extra-curricular activities
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