Ski Days
Friday, January 13 and Friday, January 20
Middle school students will participate in the annual winter sports program, two days of either skiing or snowboarding at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Please remember these important dates and get to school on time!

Electronics Loan Policy
Journeys School maintains and lends out electronic equipment to help facilitate learning. This includes, but is not limited to, the following items: iPads, computers, digital video cameras, digital cameras, digital sound recorders, microphones, headphones, computers, and graphing calculators. The policy in the student/family handbook states, “Students will be held responsible for the full cost of any equipment that they have borrowed and lost or damaged.” To account for who has what, students are required to sign out and sign in all electronic equipment. Students may not lend the equipment to others while they have signed it out.

Fifth Grade Gets a Taste of Middle School Life
Beginning the first week of January, 5th grade students will be visiting the middle school for a full school day to experience new classes, peers, and the routines of middle school life. We are thrilled to welcome these students into our community and look forward to their fresh energy and ideas! Students will be paired with current 6th grade students and go through an entire day including Daily Practice, classes, lunch, and elective classes.

On Your Child’s Mind
What is your child studying in science, technology, Spanish and social studies? Read on and find out!

Science: Students launched into the musculoskeletal system by removing the skin from chicken wings so that they could control the flexion and extension (“flapping”) of the wing by pulling on opposing muscles. This gives students tangible experience with the fact that muscles can only contract and relax—pull but not push—and therefore must operate in pairs to be functional. Students then used their own experiences and the iPad app iMuscle to identify which opposing muscle groups move which bones while playing sports and other forms of movement. Ask your child to explain why muscles need to operate in pairs. Next week students will begin the final unit of the semester about the immune system and infectious disease.

Technology: Following completion of the integrated body overlay project before break, students started a podcasting unit this week. Their first podcast will incorporate a new year’s resolution aimed at strengthening their involvement in and satisfaction with the middle school community. This resolution is also an opportunity to respond to feedback given to and received from peers in the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. The aim of this project is to empower students to make their experience at school all they want it to be while simultaneously gaining experience with the powerful application GarageBand.

Throughout this unit, students will be asked to listen to podcasts, some of their choosing. Please help your student make an appropriate choice. We have limited students to How Stuff Works (click “podcasts”), Radiolab, and This American Life (click for hyperlinks). However, if you would like to recommend a different podcast to your child, please do so. Lists of current podcasts can be accessed through the iTunes store (most are free) or a variety of your favorite websites.

Spanish: Open-air markets have a significant presence in Latin American communities. During unit 4, El Mercado, students will study vocabulary words about food and clothing with the goal of being able to secure their basic needs while in Spanish-speaking countries. Students will practice their listening and speaking skills in this unit by simulating shopping at a Latino market. Bartering in a market place is a skill that will highlight the importance of clear, quick, and efficient oral interactions. The exchange of play money will allow students to practice saying numbers in Spanish. Next time you are in the grocery store, ask your student how much an item costs and make them respond in Spanish. They can do it!

Social Studies: Students began their investigation of ancient Rome this week with primary accounts of the Punic Wars and Julius Caesar’s reign and assassination. This unit makes use of a fantastic National Geographic UK special entitled “When Rome Ruled.” The series and our subsequent studies focus heavily on the innovations of the Romans as well as their use of tools and ideas from previous cultures. Be sure to check in with your student about his/her knowledge of the Roman Republic and Legions!

Thank You to the Watson Family
A big thank you to Nathan, David and Rhonda Watson for washing the middle school Hands to Work rags! Our buildings are put to the test each day with busy learning and bustling activity, and we appreciate the support to leave them in a clean fashion every afternoon. These re-useable rags make a huge difference in our daily cleaning!

Free Ski Passes for 5th and 6th Grade Students
Courtesy of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, all 5th and 6th Grade students attending school in Teton County receive 10 free days of skiing at Jackson Hole anytime during the 2011/12 season. They are also eligible for ten ski or board rentals from JH Sports in the Bridger Center. To receive your Passport Pass, parents must fill out a JHMR waiver of liability (available at the Season Pass Office) and bring the student to the Season Pass Office. The Season Pass Office will confirm their eligibility for the program (we sent them the names of all Journeys School 5th and 6th grade students) and issue a 10-day pass and a 10-day JH Sports rental voucher. If a student already has a 2011/12 JHMR pass, bring the pass to the Season Pass Office and they can add 10 days of skiing and/or rentals to that pass. If you have questions about the program, please call Margaret Brady, Special Events Coordinator for Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, at (307) 739-2770.

Winter 2012 After School Enrichment Program
The After School Enrichment Program is available to all students enrolled at Journeys School in grades 2-12. Winter classes will meet for nine weeks, January 16th through March 23rd, with no classes the week of February 20th. Classes are $135 each and run from 3:30-5:00pm. To register, or for more information, contact Sam at or 734-9851.

Learning Lab with Sarah Kate Gessford
Grades 6-8, Mondays
Get your homework done early! Join Sarah Kate Gessford for a study session. The class will include establishing good homework habits, completion of homework, and support with class assignments. Students will start the session with a short recess and snack.

Important Dates
Wednesday, January 11: Elementary Open House / Info Night, 5pm
Thursday, January 12: Pre-Kindergarten Open House / Info Night, 5pm
Wednesday, January 18: Middle School Open House / Info Night, 5pm
Tuesday, January 31: Bring a Friend Day for Grades 3-12
Wednesday, February 1: Admissions Application Deadline
Thursday, February 2: Pre-Kindergarten Open House / Info Night, 5pm
Saturday, February 4: "Snow Ball" Gala & Auction, 6pm
Thursday, February 9: Re-enrollment Deadline
Thursday, March 1: Tuition Assistance Application Deadline