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Upper Elementary (Grades 3-5)

  • Overview

    The purpose of the upper elementary program is to create a safe and caring learning environment that promotes academic excellence while developing students’ sense of self in our world. The upper elementary program is thematic and place-based and integrates math, reading, writing, science, social studies, and word study in a three year cycle.
  • Math

    The goal of the Upper Elementary math program is to help students develop a strong math foundation as well as instill a sense of student confidence in and excitement for mathematics.
  • Literacy

    Students in Upper Elementary School learn strategies essential to the development of effective reading, writing, speaking and listening skills while engaged in activities that promote a deep level of student engagement.
  • Arts

    Upper Elementary School students participate in weekly music and visual arts classes. In music class they might sing, listen to the works of master composers, learn rudimentary music theory and history, compose original music, create their own musical instruments, read music or compare world and ethnic music as they make connections with curricular themes.
  • Physical Education

    Upper Elementary students participate in Health Sciences two days per week for 35 minutes throughout the year. This class is taught by a certified physical education specialist. The curriculum is driven by the philosophy that all students, regardless of physical ability are given the opportunity to succeed, and find joy in physical activity.
  • Science

    The Upper Elementary School Science program follows National Science Education standards and covers many of the same topics traditionally covered in elementary schools.
  • Social Studies

    The Upper Elementary School Social Studies program is designed to provide students with a thematic and integrated context for learning that encompasses both place-based and global perspectives.
  • Spanish

    Based on the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning (1999), Journeys School approach to foreign language learning focuses on communication, cultures, comparisons, connections and communities.
  • Journeys

    Journeys School's core approach to learning is instruction outside of the classroom. A Journey is a direct experience in the ecological or cultural environment that serves as an essential part of learning, and whether a few moments or a few days, a Journey includes thoughtful faculty planning and meaningful student inquiry and reflection.
  • Capstone

    The Capstone Project was designed to facilitate the transition between elementary and middle school. It provides a way for fifth grade students to demonstrate and celebrate the knowledge and skills learned throughout the course of their elementary years.

Download Upper Elementary School Program Book
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