Field Education

Out in Nature, into Science

School & Youth Groups

Current School Groups, Educators and Non-Profits that Partner with Teton Science Schools

Throughout the year, Teton Science Schools provide programming for student groups from across the country. Three- to seven-day programs are developed collaboratively with school leaders, assuring that educational standards and objectives are integrated into program design. Programs can be developed to tour the Greater Yellowstone Geo-ecosystem with our accomplished field instructors.

Our year-round campus programs are staged at either our Jackson or Kelly campuses. Students live in dormitory-style buildings on the Jackson Campus or in rustic cabins on the Kelly Campus.

Whatever your interest, our programs can be custom-designed to meet your needs, objectives and interests.

Activities might include:

  • Hiking, skiing or snowshoeing in Grand Teton National Park and Bridger-Teton National Forest
  • Hands-on experiences in field ecology
  • Animal tracking
  • Wildlife observation
  • Conducting original ecological field research
  • Field journaling and sketching
  • Practicing Leave-No-Trace guidelines
  • Alpine ecology
  • Ecological field research


For registration information or to design your program today, please contact Joe Petrick, or 307.734.3715.

New this Year!  Teton Science Schools is offering a professional teacher development program focused on place-based education while schools visit for Field Eduction programs.  The Introduction to Place-Based Education program includes an evening program, a day of observations (while fulfilling chaperone responsibilities) and a closing reflection session. For more information, click here or contact


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