Teton Valley Community School

Where Learning Comes to Life


Thank you for your interest in Teton Valley Community School. This school has been providing innovative education in Teton Valley, Idaho since 2002. I have been involved with the school for most of this time and have truly enjoyed seeing it grow, thrive, and adapt to our ever-evolving knowledge of how children learn best.

Our curriculum builds academic excellence by combining core skills with in-depth projects. Mastering reading, communication (both written and oral), and math/analytic skills is more attainable and long-lasting when a child is engaged and excited about their learning. What sets our school apart is that students are encouraged to be curious and are allowed to ask and answer their own in-depth questions about the world in which they live. As a result, learning becomes meaningful and Teton Valley Community School students develop into leaders, problem solvers, designers, and community contributors.

Project-based learning is the principle component of an education at Teton Valley Community School from preschool through eighth grade. Core academic skills are applied to real world projects that are organized around a driving question. For instance, students in preschool have explored the materials, tools, and reasons why artists create art, while the fifth and sixth graders have helped research and design an exhibit for the local museum on the history of Native Americans in Teton Valley. These are just two examples of the many innovative projects that have keep students actively engaged in their own learning.

Teton Valley Community School faculty members truly understand that at the heart of a great school lies a deep level of respect for each student and a curriculum that challenges students on many levels. They understand the need for students to become independent thinkers who are capable of much more than memorizing and regurgitating information but can demonstrate in-depth understanding and ability to solve complex problems. They understand that every child has a unique perspective and experience of the world and learn in different ways at different times.

We seek students who are eager to learn, who will contribute to our community, and who will take advantage of all that Teton Valley Community School has to offer. Please consider coming to visit us on our campus in and experience a school "where learning comes to life".

Laurel Loveland
Head of School

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