Teton Valley Community School

Where Learning Comes to Life

The Three Pillars

An education at TVCS revolves around the following three core principals or pillars:

Academic Engagement

Students in Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade engage in a challenging curriculum that balances relevant instruction in the core subject areas with student-driven projects that foster investigation, collaboration, and critical thinking skills. Because of small class sizes, students receive individual attention from their teachers and are encouraged to learn at their own pace – receiving extra support for learning difficulties and extra challenges for advanced abilities.

As a result, Teton Valley Community School students become active participants in the learning process – asking and answering their own questions and expressing their unique thoughts and ideas.

Character Development

Teton Valley Community School places a strong emphasis on the growth of the individual child, including their social and emotional development. Each child is challenged to do their best and learn from their mistakes, according to their unique learning style and stage of development. The faculty work hard to provide opportunities for student voice and choice whenever possible to help foster children’s natural curiosity, creativity, and desire to learn and grow.

Restorative practices are used to teach students to take responsibility for their own attitudes and actions while also being empathetic and responsive to the needs of others. As a result, students develop perseverance, intrinsic motivation and social responsibility.

Community Focus

As members of a welcoming and supportive school community, children at Teton Valley Community School develop a strong sense of belonging and learn the importance of making positive contributions to their school and local community. Project Based Learning requires students to answer a driving question using a multitude of resources, including the expertise and events going on around them.

Many of the projects that students undertake help meet an organizational or community need. Teton Valley Community School students have worked directly with local businesses, agencies, and nonprofits including Friends of the Teton River, Teton Soil Conservation District, and Teton Valley Museum. The community benefits from the projects and students grow to be engaged citizens through their learning.

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