Teton Valley Community School

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Teton Valley Community School is honored that you have expressed interest in applying to our school. We are seeking students and families who will contribute to our growing community as well as benefit from our challenging program. We consider academic, emotional and social growth to be of equal significance in a student’s overall development. Teton Valley Community School does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, faith or sexual orientation in any of its policies or programs. All information contained in this application will remain confidential among the Teton Valley Community School officials. In order for your child to become an applicant, please follow the checklist of procedures and important dates outlined below. The admissions process, including school visits, begins in the fall one year prior to the application school year.

School Visit

All families are asked to tour our school to learn more about our curriculum and philosophy. This will give you the chance to meet some of the faculty, observe the students, and ask any further questions you might have. Applicants may be asked to come back to the school at a later date for observation and screening.

Student Application

Applications are accepted beginning in August one year prior to the application school year. TVCS does not accept students on a first come basis. However, the earlier you submit an application, the greater the likelihood your application will be considered. The best time to submit an application is August through October one year prior to the application school year. Please fill out and submit the enclosed application for admission with an application fee of $35.00 per child. Checks should be made out to the Teton Valley Community School or TVCS.

Tuition Assistance

If your family is interested in applying for tuition assistance, please click here. Tuition assistance determinations occur each year in March. We do recognize that some families are not familiar with this process so please call us if you need assistance.

Teacher Evaluations

A teacher or childcare provider evaluation is required for applicants. Please provide your child’s teacher or provider with the enclosed evaluation form and have him/her return it to TVCS as soon as possible after the application has been submitted. A self-addressed and stamped envelope is also enclosed to ensure prompt mail delivery. These evaluations are kept confidential. 

Admission Decisions

We will notify families in writing of our admission decision in February. Tuition Assistance determinations and notifications will be made separately by March 1st for those who applied.

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