Teton Valley Community School

Where Learning Comes to Life

Teton Valley, Idaho

Teton Valley Community School is located in the City of Victor at the southern end of the valley. The town’s eclectic mix of pioneer families and new residents from around the globe exemplify Victor’s unique history and diversity. The City of Victor received a grant from the Orton Family Foundation in 2008 to conduct innovative community-based planning to identify shared values and aspirations for our town. Students, teachers, and families from TVCS are participating in Envision Victor in a variety of ways to help our community thrive.

Teton Valley, Idaho was the seasonal home of Shoshone and Bannock Indians when European explorers and trappers arrived in the area in the early 1800’s. From 1810 to 1840, Teton Basin was frequented by fur trappers and large rendezvous were held here. The Hayden Geological Survey made the first official maps of the area in 1872 while camped in Teton Canyon. In the 1890’s prospectors, loggers, and ranchers came to the Teton Area and started settling the valley. The Targhee National Forest was established in 1908 by President Theodore Roosevelt.

An rural, agricultural lifestyle prevailed through most of the 1900’s but slowly began to change following the opening of Grand Targhee Ski Area in 1969. More rapid growth began in the 1990‘s and included young families and second home owners settling here for the lifestyle. Recreation, wildlife, and the natural beauty of the area tend to be the main draw for visitors and newcomers alike.

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