Teton Valley Community School

Where Learning Comes to Life


At Teton Valley Community School parents are integral players in the education process. We recognize that a collaborative parent-teacher-student approach builds a strong foundation for scholastic success and a commitment to life-long learning. Parents are considered the first teachers and collaborate in the learning process as it transitions from home to school and back again. Communication between teachers and parents is fostered through small class sizes, frequent conferencing, weekly newsletters, and a commitment from faculty to meet with parents when issues arise.

The entire school community benefits tremendously from parent involvement. Parents are more directly connected to what their children are doing on a day to day basis and are exposed to the different approaches teachers use to engage each and every student. Children see how invested their parents are in their growth and learning and get to share more directly with them in this journey. Parent involvement helps teachers know their students better and reinforces that they and their students are supported in the educational process. As a result of their presence at the school and associated events, parents have many opportunities to get to know each other, which adds significantly to the strong sense of community at TVCS.

Because TVCS is a learning community, parents are asked to contribute to the successful functioning of the school on many levels. We recognize that families have demanding and different schedules and therefore offer a variety of flexible opportunities for parents to volunteer. Parents are classroom helpers, tutors, and field trip drivers. They assist in the office, plan special events, fundraise, and lend a hand improving the school buildings, gardens, and natural play spaces. Parents coordinate the recycling program, help organize the library, assist with farm animal care, and contribute skills and expertise to student-directed projects. Because of over 1300 volunteer hours contributed by parents annually, TVCS is able to keep tuition reasonable and financial aid substantial.

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