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The Teacher Learning Center offers day, multi-day and year-long custom experiences for schools and other educational organizations. Programs focus on an introduction to or renewal of place-based learning, using research-based and innovative educational strategies. Customized experiences include a visit to our facilities in Jackson Hole and onsite training at area schools. Projects have included projects such as instruction for teachers at East Fort Worth Montessori School (Texas) on utilizing their school garden to meet state standards. Currently, the Teacher Learning Center is working with educational leaders in the Kingdom of Bhutan to implement and manage place-based education across the country.

“Connecting Schools and Communities”

The Teacher Learning Center of Teton Science Schools offers professional development programs for both public and private schools that are:


  • Increase student engagement
  • Increase student learning
  • Increase teacher and student community engagement


  • Professional development by teachers for teachers
  • Immediate implementation
  • Curriculum neutral – approach applies to any program
  • Interdisciplinary approach – relevant to all teachers


  • The TSS framework is the foundation of our approach
    • Inquiry – Understanding the world
    • Design – Solution making
  • Informed by three competencies
    • Instructional excellence
    • Community leadership
    • Intentional culture

Participants in our professional development programs for schools and districts will:

  1. experience place-based education as a model for student engagement and school improvement
  2. redesign curriculum to incorporate the inquiry and design cycles
  3. create a toolkit of proven instructional strategies to better engage students
  4. develop a strategic plan to implement the framework concept within the school or district
  5. learn a focused approach to build a growth-oriented and community focused culture both with students and teachers

Contact Leslie Cook at leslie.cook@tetonscience.org or 307.733.1313.

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