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List of events occurring in the next year starting on Sep. 23, 2017

  • Place-Based Education Workshop: Embedded in your Field Education Program

    Tuesday Aug 1, 2017 - Thursday May 31, 2018
    Teton Science Schools is offering a professional development program focused on place-based education while schools visit for Field Education programs. The Introduction to Place-Based Education program includes an evening program, a day of observation...
  • Place-Based Education Workshop: Leading Students Beyond the Classroom Walls

    Thursday Oct 26, 2017 - Sunday Oct 29, 2017
    Thursday Apr 19, 2018 - Sunday Apr 22, 2018
    How does the place where you teach influence your curriculum? What tools can be used to connect students to place? Participants will explore these topics while hiking to study ecology, participating in a service learning project, and designing place-ba...
  • Energizing Your Emergent Curriculum

    Friday Nov 10, 2017 from 6:00P to 8:00P
    Dynamic, energizing and fascinating curriculum is inspired by the interests, play and questions of children.
  • Documenting with Distinction

    Saturday Nov 11, 2017 from 9:00A to 12:00P
    This workshop is designed as a follow-up to last year’s workshop, Documenting Children’s Meaning and Engaging in a Reflective Practice, but open to all educators with an understanding of documentation.
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