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Place-Based Education Workshop: Leading Students Beyond the Classroom Walls
Teacher Learning Center
Thursday Oct 26, 2017 - Sunday Oct 29, 2017
Kelly Campus of Teton Science Schools
1 Ditch Creek Road
Kelly, WY 83011

How does the place where you teach influence your curriculum? What tools can be used to connect students to place? Participants will explore these topics while hiking to study ecology, participating in a service learning project, and designing place-based lessons and educational experiences for their students. In the first part of a two part workshop series, participants will be introduced to the theory and implementation of place-based education through lectures, discussions, readings and activities. All activities will model the pedagogical approaches of place-based learning: project-based, experiential, inquiry-based, interdisciplinary and locally-focused. This workshop series is designed to re-invigorate participants with fresh ideas for integrating and implementing place-based education in the curriculum, classroom, schoolyard, and local community/environment. We encourage teams of teachers from schools across Wyoming to be participants.


$175 registration fee per teacher for teams of up to 4 teachers per school; the 4th teacher is free for a team!


Credits available through the University of Wyoming (for a fee) or the Wyoming Professional Teachers Standards Board.


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