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Wyoming Stream Team

Wyoming Stream Team is a state-wide educational stream monitoring program involving students, teachers and other volunteers who collect water quality data on Wyoming's water ways. The mission of Wyoming Stream Team is to promote awareness and stewardship of Wyoming's water resources through education and data sharing.

Wyoming Stream Team is coordinated by Teton Science Schools' Teacher Learning Center and focuses on stream habitat and water quality. This educational program assists students and teachers to collect data for use by students, local communities and the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality. The program is an extension of the water quality monitoring workshops conducted by Teton Science Schools since 1993. Data collected by schools and other groups is entered into an accessible, on-line database and viewed by participants from around the region. Results are also used by Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality as a screening tool to detect threats to stream health.

Funding for Wyoming Stream Team is provided in part by a private donor and the Math and Science Partnership Program.

Monitoring Data

Enter data and generate reports on Wyoming Stream Team sites across the state. 
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