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Wyoming Stream Team
Teton Research Institute
June 8-12, 2015

Kelly Campus of Teton Science Schools
1 Ditch Creek Road
Kelly, WY 83011

Groups of at least four teachers per school district are invited to join the Wyoming Stream Team community. This experience includes:

  • A five-day workshop in Kelly, WY focused on learning water quality monitoring techniques and creating a school/district specific water quality monitoring program.
  • Two-day fall outreach program per school district.
  • Two-day follow-up fall workshop in Riverton, WY.
  • $1,500 equipment fund per school district.

Credits will be available through the University of Wyoming and the Wyoming Professional Teachers Standards Board.

$100 registration fee per school district.

This program offered with support from a private donor.

Download Wyoming Stream Team Workshop Invitation 

Download Wyoming Stream Team Registration Form


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