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Tuition & Tuition Assistance

Teton Valley Community School 2018-19 Tuition                                                

K - 8th Grade 
5 Days: $9,050
M / W / F: $5,650
T / TH: $3,950  

Tuition amount listed above includes all fees excluding After School program, TRPTA bus and optional costs.

Payment Plan Options 

Annual Pay Plan: Pay tuition in full by August 1.
Semi-Annual Pay Plan: Pay tuition in two equal payments on or before August 1 and February 1.
Monthly Pay Plan: Pay tuition in eight equal monthly payments beginning August 1 through March 1.

Tuition Assistance 
We appreciate that a Teton Valley Community School (TVCS) education is an investment for every family. Our admissions decisions are always made need-blind, without regard to a family’s financial situation. However, some families may find the need to apply to receive tuition assistance to assist them with funding an education.

Through tuition assistance and payment plans we make every effort to make education affordable. More than 40 percent of students receive tuition assistance, reflecting our commitment to maintaining a diverse student body and helping ensure that a TVCS education is available to families regardless of the ability to pay.

TVCS has a need-based tuition assistance policy and for a school our size, we award a substantial amount of tuition assistance each year. However, it is important to remember that an independent school education is a choice for families. Both the school and the families make significant financial sacrifices to support this choice. Our policies and philosophy attempt to ensure that each family is subject to the same guidelines as we evaluate the needs of your family relative to the needs of other families in our school.

The deadline to apply for tuition assistance is January 31, 2018. Once the deadline has passed, families can still apply for assistance, with the understanding that little or no tuition assistance may be available. The tuition assistance program requires a family’s previous year’s completed taxes so the first step a family can take in the financial aid process is to complete personal and/or business taxes.

All inquiries, applications, and supporting documentation with regard to tuition assistance are treated confidentially.

Tuition Assistance Process and Procedures

To get started on your tuition assistance application, please click HERE.

Tuition Refund Policy
Your financial commitment to Teton Valley Community School (TVCS) is for the full annual tuition. The school cannot refund tuition or cancel unpaid obligations if your child is forced to withdraw during the academic year. If your student withdraws, this policy will pay benefits (subject to the terms of the policy) to the school, which provide substantial assistance in meeting your financial commitment. Some reasons for withdrawal from school are:

  • Relocation
  • Goal Change
  • Medical Reasons 
  • Family Death
  • Dismissal for Disciplinary Reasons
  • Academic Problems
  • Family Finances
  • Psychological Problems
  • Employment Change

The cost of the Tuition Refund Policy is included in tuition and fees.

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