Two groups of early childhood students each gardening in the raised beds at the Mountain Academy Teton Valley Campus.

Mountain Academy Lower School

At Mountain Academy, students drive their learning.

We focus on the growth of each student as an individual, recognizing strengths and areas of need, which can then be addressed specifically in one-on-one or small group settings. Lower school students go on trips into their local and regional communities to learn about these places through economic, ecological and social lenses. We integrate social-emotional learning and character development with academics, encouraging students to practice conflict management skills and take responsibility for their behavior through self-governance.

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Empowered Students

Everything we do builds upon inspiring curiosity, engagement and leadership in your child. By empowering students to direct their own projects, we tie place-based education to the interests of our students and bring learning to life in meaningful, relevant ways.

Academic Enagement

We make learning sticky with authentic curriculum, integration of ideas and skills, and a learner-centered approach. Projects are interdisciplinary, connecting all subjects in a realistic way. Students receive individualized instruction in core subjects through hands-on, teacher guided activities to ensure students are appropriately challenged and supported.

Character Development

We equally value students’ academic and personal growth. We integrate restorative practices into classrooms, encouraging students to develop conflict management skills and to be accountable for their behavior. We build skills through our Character and Leadership class, practice mindfulness each day, and end each day with a gratitude circle.

Community Focus

Community begins in the classroom, where we foster an inclusive, supportive classroom environment, so students naturally develop a love of learning and new challenges. We take both single day and extended journeys into the nearby community. Many projects throughout the year involve connection to our local community as we prepare students to become global leaders.

Specialized Classes

A robust Lower School education is one that teaches to different strengths, learning styles, and builds a comprehensive foundation for schooling. We provide specialized classes in Spanish, Fine Arts, Outdoor Education, Science, and Farm and Garden to provide students the opportunities to explore different interests through varied content areas. Each of these classes is incorporated
into a regular weekly schedule and aligns with our place-based educational model.

"Our daughter just started at Mountain Academy a few months ago and we have already noticed how much more she is enjoying - and growing from - her new school. The individualized approach is just what she needed. As parents, we are so grateful to see her thriving in both her social and academic development. As a student, she is excited to be able to pursue customized creative writing projects and stretch her comfort zone in an extra-challenging math group. Thank you for seeing her whole self and meeting her needs in such supportive and thoughtful ways."
Lower School Parent, 2020-2021 School Year

Learning in Action

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