Mountain Academy Preschool

Empowering young learners from day one.

The Mountain Academy Preschool program is designed for curious learners ages three to five. We encourage students to practice physical and cognitive skills through problem solving, teamwork, exploration and creative expression. Students learn to excel as critical thinkers and collaborators in order to prepare them for a lifelong love of learning. Parents receive daily documentation to show the progress we are making in our classrooms.

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Our Philosophy

We pursue an authentic educational approach grounded in the idea that children are competent, rich in potential, and capable of being the protagonists of their own learning. The multi-age preschool classroom focuses on the interest of the students, with teachers facilitating and guiding the process. Parents are viewed as partners, taking an active role in childrens’ education through Parent Nights or volunteering in the classroom.

Academic Enagement

Our program is strongly influenced by the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education and place-based principles. We view our classroom and outdoor learning environments as the third teacher as they cater to the various learning styles through hands-on, project-based activities to build a strong foundation for the educational years to come.

Character Development

Our program focuses largely on building social-emotional skills. Students learn to develop relationships, to collaborate, and to resolve conflicts through problem solving and restorative practices. Mountain Academy Preschool students gain ownership by taking an active role in daily responsibilities around the classroom.

Community Focus

Community starts with the classroom. As students become more familiar with peers and teachers, we connect with our campuses, including but not limited to farm animals, the greenhouse, our garden, and open space. We continue to grow our community by connecting with older students and ultimately venture into our local community and woods.

In-Tune with Nature-Based Practices

Childrens’ growth and learning is fostered through encounters with the natural world; where the allure of this places invites wonder and inquiry. Students often take trips to R Park, Vogel’s Hill, Henderson Canyon, and Pole Canyon.

"Before we sent our kids here, I couldn't really imagine why everyone talked about Mountain Academy being such a unique experience from other preschool programs. But it is truly a magical place. My kids literally run into the classroom in the morning, and come home chattering away about all their adventures outside. I think the focus on independence and letting kids guide their learning has led my once-shy toddler to be a more confident little girl who can even write her name already. It just blows me away."
Preschool Parent, 2020-2021 School Year

Learning in Action

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