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Our Students

Place-Based Education For Learners of All Ages

At Teton Science Schools, learning is a lifelong pursuit. Our passionate educators guide hands-on, minds-on learning in the outdoors. We use the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem as our classroom to educate students of all ages. From wildlife tours to summer camps, our diverse curriculum imparts a deep understanding and appreciation for the natural history and ecology of the area.

Youth (2-18)

Teton Science Schools offers a variety of youth education programming to cultivate the next generation of leaders, thinkers and stewards of our planet. From single day workshops to our multiyear independent school curriculum, everything we do is built upon our mission to inspire curiosity, engagement and leadership through transformative place-based education.

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College and Graduate

Teton Science Schools develops leaders in classroom and field education who are passionate about connecting learners to their community.

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Teton Science Schools works with aspiring and current educators to provide training and professional development in place-based education. From introductory webinars to multi-day workshops, our team of experienced faculty are eager to connect with teachers to help improve education by connecting learning to communities.

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Adults & Families

We offer a variety of programs for adults and families to learn about the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Our programs are led by experienced instructors who have extensive knowledge and training in local ecology and natural history. Programs vary in length from four-hour tours to multi-day expeditions, and can be adjusted to serve learners of all ages and abilities.

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