Outdoor Education Training



Teton Science Schools works with aspiring and current educators to provide training and professional development in place-based education. From introductory webinars to multi-day workshops, our team of experienced faculty are eager to connect with teachers to help improve education by connecting learning to communities.

We also work with teachers from around the country to customize experiences for school and youth groups to visit the Tetons.

Professional Development

Teton Science Schools serves current and aspiring educators through professional development for practicing educators and the first year of a graduate program. We work with pre-service, in-service, and informal educators through a year-long graduate program, school and district consulting and professional development workshops. The programs are a combination of educational theory, practical applications and mentorship to support the development of educators who can implement place-based approaches in a variety of settings.

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Place Network

The Place Network is a collaborative network of rural K-12 schools that connect learning and communities to increase student engagement, academic outcomes and community impact. The network of rural schools that join will have access to sample curriculum, consulting and implementation, research to inform practice and online communities. We believe that a network of schools learning from one another can accelerate student impact.

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Visiting School & Youth Groups

Bring your students into one of nature’s most incredible classrooms–the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Teton Science Schools provides year-round programming for student groups from across the country. We design programs with education and fun in mind. Collaborate with our experienced staff to develop a three- to seven-day program that meets your needs, interests and objectives.

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