Place-based Passion Projects

Pinnacles Prep Charter School, based in Wenatchee, Washington is one of our Place Network School Partners since they opened in 2021.  This blog is by two of their student scholars – Lilly Arias Martin (7th Grade) and Frankie Endsley (6th Grade) – with the support of their faculty advisor Samm Rowland.

Here at Pinnacles Prep Charter School in Wenatchee WA, we believe that scholars should be allowed to thrive in the future with different opportunities. Not just educate them in the walls of a traditional classroom environment, but also help them grow in their social skills and relationships with our EPIC values. (Equity, Purpose, Integrity, Collaboration) in which we hope that scholars will grow and learn. Showing these values in not just our community but further out in the world. To pursue this dream we start in our Passion Projects.

Passion Projects commenced last year when our school had just opened its door to the community. Since then we have held our passion project events every 4th quarter of every single year in order to help open up our scholars to learn more about their community and themselves. Scholars are also given the opportunity to go outside of our school walls and do hands-on projects in our community. This gives us as scholars the ability to chase our own curiosity and dig deeper to explore, create, and innovate in our community. Although this may seem like it only expands our learning it is also beneficial for our community as well. As all of our scholars’ projects are mainly focused to make a positive impact on our community in any sort of way!

For instance, we had some scholars last year do a school garden, a photography exhibit, an electrical music glove for kids with cerebral palsy to use during occupational therapy, and a production of Peter Pan. Along with some scholars making skis with a local company. While this year we have some scholars do some music recording, planting a pollinator garden and vegetable garden, a food drive for the humane society, creating a fishing guide, toiletry kits for the unhoused, making films, online investing and so much more!

Overall passion projects are a way for us as scholars to overcome barriers stopping us from our dreams and seek for what we are most passionate about. We strive for what we want most and look forward to something even better. We grow our learning by increasing our knowledge, skills, and abilities. By going out into our community to learn from those around us as they too are our family and friends. So together we can make an outstanding difference for our community and aim for the better!

To learn more about our school go to our website at www.pinnaclesprep.org.


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