Graduate Program

Faculty & Students

Our team of experienced and talented faculty provide exceptional learning opportunities and mentored teaching experiences for all students.

  • Nikki Gamrath, Ed.D. Vice President of Educator Development

  • Aaron Nydam Graduate Program Director

  • Kevin Krasnow, Ph.D. Graduate Faculty & Research Specialist

  • Julia Spencer Kelly Campus Faculty

  • Jordan Nobler Director Field Education Programs - Kelly Campus

  • Joanna Ahlum Kelly Campus Faculty

  • Ben Rossetter Kelly Campus Faculty

  • Hannah McLimans Graduate Program Administrative Assistant

  • Addie Deupree Faculty

Current Students

  • Brooks Taylor

  • Colton Lewer

  • Ingrid Velez

  • Jackson Ray

  • Jimel Lopez

  • Katie O'Connell

  • Kyle Covell

  • Leanne Clark

  • Megan Hedley

  • Melissa Cusanello

  • Paige Fery

  • Seth Eastman

  • Taylor Majewski

  • Tracy Jacobs