A Commitment to Access

Mountain Academy believes in the power of socioeconomic diversity in the student body and recognizes that tuition and fees may be a major financial commitment for families in our region. Financing a Mountain Academy education is an important investment in your student’s future.

Our team is here to support your enrollment and tuition management process.

Mountain Academy is proud to partner with School and Student Services (SSS) to facilitate our tuition assistance program. SSS is the leading tuition management system for independent schools across the country, and is offered in collaboration with the National Association of Independent Schools.

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Tuition Assistance Impact

$1.38 million

In Awards


Of families receive tuition assistance

$1,000 to $25,000

Range of Awards

Affordable Access
Mountain Academy is dedicated to providing every student affordable access to our exceptional education. The Flexible Tuition program is made possible through the generous support of numerous donors, foundations, grants, and scholarships.

Let's Get Started

The Tuition Assistance application process starts by completing the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS).
This comprehensive application that will take 60-90 minutes to complete.

Each family applying for tuition assistance will be responsible for a $55 application fee to SSS per family (one fee for all students applying). Once your PFS is submitted, it cannot be withdrawn from the SSS system.

Contact SSS Family Support at (800) 344-8328 or sss@communitybrands.com.

SSS Resource CenterStart Your PFS

Key Info for Application

School Name: Mountain Academy of Teton Science Schools

JC SSS Code:  167113               TVC SSS Code: 200119

Tuition Assistance Applications are due by January 31, 2022

Family Resources

Documents Overview

You will need access to the following information as you complete your PFS:

  • Most recent tax return (1040 with all schedules and worksheets)
  • Most recent 1099 Forms
  • Most recent W2 Forms
  • Current Bank Statements
  • Current Investment & Retirement Account information
  • Current Mortgage Statement
  • Current Debt information (student & car loans, credit card balances, etc.)
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Complete Your PFS

Go to SSS Family Portal
Create Account
Complete PFS + Submit Documents

Deadline: January 31, 2022

Tuition Assistance Applications must be completed no later than January 31, 2022. Available funds are limited and we highly recommend families start the PFS process early to ensure ample time to gather documents, request support and submit applications in a timely manner.

Submitting Your Documentation

  1. Prepare your document files for uploading. Make sure the documents are on your computer and each specific form is saved as a separate file. Examples: a) one PDF file for 1040 with all schedules and worksheets included, b) each W2 saved as its own file. Remove any security or password protection from your files.
  2. Return to your SSS Family Portal account and confirm you are on the Academic Year 2022-23 Dashboard.
  3. Open “My Documents” from the Dashboard. In the “Required Documents” section, use the Upload button or link associated with the specific document type. Follow prompts to locate, select, and confirm the file to upload.

Click the Submit button to complete your upload. The date will appear in the “Date Uploaded” column within minutes of the upload. Repeat this process until all required documents are submitted by their deadlines.


The Admissions Team uses the information provided by the PFS as a starting point in conjunction with considerations such as local cost of living, school policies, practices, and available budget to determine Tuition Assistance award decisions. Mountain Academy will communicate your Tuition Assistance decision directly to you.

Malone Scholarship

Founded in 1997 by Dr. John C. Malone, the Malone Family Foundation funds scholarships for identified talented and gifted students with financial need on our Jackson campus. Scholarship opportunity is for students grades 7 to 10.

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