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Place-Based Learning While Learning in Place

Even from a distance, our Mountain Academy curriculum remains inspired by place and motivated by project-based learning. Check out these helpful distance learning resources compiled by our dedicated teachers.

Letter to Michelle Heaton, Head of School

March 20, 2020

Michelle –

I am writing to thank and compliment the amazing teachers, staff and leadership at Mountain Academy.

I’ve seen all sorts of calamities and challenges through a long business career – but nothing, not even close to what you and your team are enduring right now. The rapidly changing situation coupled with deep uncertainty makes this so very difficult for everyone. Even without worrying about Mountain Academy and our kids, this is a hard time for everyone on the Mountain Academy team.

The transition from attending school in-person to going live online has been nothing short of miraculous. You probably recall that Coleen and my kids are in high school, so my experience this past week has been all related to the high school. But, I’m certain that whatever all the other grades are doing is just as exceptional.

I snuck into the kids’ rooms to observe what was happening online. What I saw was amazing – teacher in the middle of the screen, all the kids arrayed down the side of the screen, lots of kids fidgeting, teachers asking questions and kids answering. There was some serious discussion, and some laughing and joking. It looked just like school to me – except we weren’t up Coyote Canyon. Both have said they wish they were in school (and then traveling for spring break!) but they really enjoyed seeing all their friends in school, just like always.

Coleen and I want to thank the teachers and all the staff who support them for the fantastic job they are doing for our children. School is very important to us, and we are so pleased that you all have figured out a way to ‘keep them in school’ even while they are stuck at home. Thank you all so much.

All the best,

Pete Regan, Mountain Academy Upper School Parent

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