Civics & Politics

My Place, Our Vision

In this unit students will study the various components of their place that make it unique. Explore the driving question: How might we invest in our community to promote engagement, citizenship and pride in our place? 

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Recommended Timeframe: 2-3 months

It is one thing to appreciate your place, but what responsibilities do you have to your place? What is your role in helping it function properly? The economic, cultural, and ecological systems that drive your place must be understood and cultivated to ensure your place functions well. In this unit learners will use exploration, interviews, and  direct investigation in order to fully understand the underpinnings of how their place operates. Armed with this knowledge, they  will work to promote engagement, citizenship, and responsibility in their place.

Key Topics

  • Plan and design a Community Impact Project
  • Gain the perspective of 13 characters as they transform an abandoned lot into a garden while reading Seedfolks by Paul Fleischman
  • Collect long-term data from a self-designed Place Practice
  • Identify the role of social contracts in your life
  • Find local public lands to enjoy 
  • Be inspired by Isaiah Zagar to find or create local public art
  • Interview local community members to find out more about local land, art, and government
  • Learn about “game changers” such as Ron Finley and David Brooks who are committed to local improvement, collective action, and weaving communities together