Civics and Politics

Nations United

The very notion of civilization launches this unit on global governments. Explore the driving question: How might we build connections in a global world?

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Recommended Timeframe: 2- 3 months

The very notion of civilization launches this unit on global governments. Why did humans collect into civilized nations? Are there any drawbacks to civilization? Governments systems, policies, and news should be shared and utilized for the betterment of all people. To examine global governments more fully, the systems and rights of various types of government are compared and the role of the United Nations is examined. Next, movement among nations or immigration is traced through historical and literary examples and in our own lives. To connect more fully to global issues, global news and science are explored. Students contribute to the GLOBE Mosquito Habitat Mapper citizen science project in an effort to help eradicate mosquito-borne illness, an issue that binds us together around the world. Finally, students interview members of their community to inform how best to design a Community Impact Project focused on building global connections.

Key Topics

  • Plan and design a Community Impact Project
  • Explore The Arrival by Shaun Tan
  • Research the settlement of your town
  • Compare the benefits and drawbacks of living in town -vs- rural areas
  • Create a photojournal of global government types
  • Facilitate a Model United Nations meeting on a global topic of your choice
  • Conduct a community survey about exercising the right to vote
  • Design a government plan for a new island nation
  • Identify pathways to citizenship
  • Construct your family‚Äôs immigration story through interviews
  • Identify connections in world news
  • Contribute data to the GLOBE Observer Mosquito Habitat Mapper project