Round Lake Campus: Place-Based Education for Educators

Join us on the East coast as we teach PBE at Round Lake Campus in the Adirondack Park. Round Lake Campus is an extension of North Country School and Camp Treetops in Lake Placid, NY.

How does the place where you teach influence your curriculum? What tools can be used to connect students to place? Participants in the workshop will explore these topics while hiking in Adirondack Park, engaging in inquiry and design experiences, and planning place-based lessons and educational experiences for their students. In this workshop, participants will be introduced to the theory and implementation of place-based education through lectures, discussions, readings and activities. Central to the program is the Teton Science Schools’ framework for place-based education with three core competencies that we believe are essential to support high levels of student learning: community leadership, educational approach, and intentional culture.  The 6 principles of the place-based educational approach will be discussed and modeled during the training. This workshop will take place at the Round Lake Campus in Lake Placid, NY.