Teton Valley Community School

TVCS at a Glance

Teton Valley Community School was founded in the late 1990s by a group of parents interested in enhancing the educational opportunities available in Teton Valley, Idaho. In 2012, after 10 successful years of growth, Teton Valley Community School became a part of Teton Science Schools. The school’s educational philosophy and focus on the local community made it a natural fit for TSS’s place-based education model.

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Our Campus

TVCS is located just a few blocks from Main Street in downtown Victor, Idaho. The ten-acre campus includes houses for different grade levels, outdoor space, a library yurt and space for the farm and garden program. Students spend a significant amount of time outside in the play yard, which is specifically designed for open-ended play.

Faculty & Staff

  • Michelle Heaton Head of School, Teton Valley Community School

  • Katie Cisco Faculty

  • Amanda Colgate Faculty

  • Leilani Daniels CLP Faculty

  • Caitlin Davis Faculty

  • Anna Dwinnell Head of Elementary School

  • Elle Emery Head of Middle School

  • Kristi Fisher CLP Faculty

  • Katie Rose Griffith Faculty

  • Hilary Hays Adjunct Faculty

  • Raneta Kinney Administrative Assistant, Office Manager

  • David May Faculty

  • Chelsea Pearl Faculty

  • Tonia Ralston Adjunct Faculty

  • Warren Samuels Director of Enrollment Management

  • Andy Solomon Faculty

  • Erin Tanzer Associate Director of Enrollment

  • Julie Thomsen Faculty

  • Sam Wilson Faculty/Classroom Assistant