Teton Valley Community School

Academic Engagement

Learner-Centered Education

Our teachers and our customized learning faculty team work together to ensure all students are being appropriately challenged and supported. Our curriculum makes space for students to explore their own interests.

Project-Based Learning

TVCS offers an authentic educational approach, where children are empowered to guide their own learning. Students’ questions drive the curriculum and allow for a interdisciplinary approach to learning, often combining several subject areas in a single project. Student-directed projects bring learning to life in meaningful, relevant ways and increase student engagement.

Multi-Age Classroom

At TVCS, we design our curriculum to support students in a multi-age classroom environment. As a child grows, they develop in four key areas—social-emotional, physical, creative and academic, often at different paces. Families, friend groups, school communities and work environments all require interactions and relationships within mixed aged groups. With this real-world application in mind, our program meets the developmental needs of young children while teaching them the skills necessary to excel as critical thinkers and collaborators inside and outside of the classroom with peers of all ages.

Community Focus

Field Trips

All TVCS students will participate in off-campus field trips, which range from visiting the local recycling center to camping on Colter Bay in Grand Teton National Park. Being immersed in local, regional and global communities is an integral part of our learning and prepares our students to be lifelong learners and leaders.

Teton Valley Community

The idea of community begins at the classroom level at TVCS, ultimately extending to the entire school and our local and global community. Many student-led projects will include partnerships with local organizations. Every student at TVCS takes an active part in our farm and garden program in partnership with Full Circle Education. Learning is consistently connected to our community in Teton Valley, which enables immersive student learning while benefiting the local community.

Character Development

Whole Child Education

At TVCS, we equally value students’ academic and personal growth. We integrate restorative practices into classrooms, starting in Pre-K. We encourage students to develop conflict management skills and to be accountable for their behavior through self-governance. We strive to impart healthy values and give students the skills they need to be the person they want to be.

Character Lab

Character Lab at TVCS focuses on the development of the nine character dispositions of a TVCS student: self-control, social intelligence, self-awareness, zest, empathy, gratitude, optimism, curiosity and perseverance. Character Lab class begins with a mindfulness practice, anchoring students to the present moment and classroom, and allowing students to practice focusing. From there, lessons are focused around the nine dispositions and other essential social and emotional skills.