Teton 5th

A local tradition celebrating 50 years

For the past 50 years, TSS has helped local 5th-grade students explore Grand Teton National Park, and gain a greater connection with our valley, their home.

Since 1971, fifth-grade classes from the public elementary schools in Teton County, Wyoming visit Teton Science Schools’ Kelly Campus for a two-and-half day-long field education program. Students spend their days exploring the natural world, undertaking scientific investigations, and developing interpersonal skills. Typically scheduled early in the school year, the trip plays a key role in class bonding that bears fruit for months to come.

"Teton 5th is an essential coming of age experience for our local 5th graders to step out of their normal and share new experiences with an important peer group that will remain for years to come."
Brook, fifth grade teacher between 2015-2018

Interested in supporting Teton 5th?

In honor of our anniversary, we’re raising money to make sure we can continue this good work for another 50 years.  We hope you’ll join us.

Gifts of all sizes will help to ensure the future of the Teton 5th program. Eventually, we would love to endow this program, which would allow this program to be free to all future Teton 5th graders. The funds that we raise will help families have access to participate in this impactful program. Regardless of financial need in the future, we will be able to keep bringing students outdoors to connect with the world around them. We hope you’ll join us in these efforts.


"It is a really fun trip to take with your class, and you learn so much about nature and animals. TSS used really special and fun experiences to teach. Learning these things is a fun and important adventure that all students and teachers alike should be able to have involvement in."
Lucia, participant in 2018

Learn more about place-based education

Teton 5th is centered around place-based learning– an approach that connects students and communities to the world around them.

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