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View from above of a Mountain Academy student with her hand on a table painting a picture with watercolors.

Creativity is in Our Nature

Mountain Academy’s Art Program provides students across all divisions with the opportunity to investigate, innovate, and interpret the nature of place. Through place-based education, we emphasize the importance of an interdisciplinary approach where students tap into their creative selves not only in the art room but in mathematics, language arts, social studies, science, and in the field. Beginning in our Early Childhood Program, students explore new avenues for creative expression that grow in complexity from year to year. Mountain Academy takes pride in our community of creators, and we encourage our students to follow their creative passions without boundaries and expand their artistic abilities into the newest dimensions.

Art Programs

A group of Mountain Academy students standing around a student banging a drum in music class.


Mountain Academy students learn how to communicate, engage, and express curiosity through the study of music and performance. Music begins at an introductory level, providing students with the opportunity to sing, play, and listen. Students continue to grow musically by expanding their understanding and appreciation of music through performance and to study music as an art form.

A Mountain Academy student wearing a pink and purple costume performing on a stage posing with her hands in the air.

Performing Arts

The performing arts at Mountain Academy empower students to experience theater as a form of self-expression and communication. We do so by providing students with a formal theater education in addition to the exploration of learning how to present, articulate, and interact with an audience.

A close up look at a Mountain Academy student's hand on the table working on a watercolor painting with paint palette.

Visual Arts

Mountain Academy’s visual arts program is rooted in freedom of expression by providing students with the space to be artists and to fully immerse themselves in the creative process. They are encouraged to experiment, engage, and create through a balance between solid foundational work and expressive freedom, teaching students the foundation of true craft as they journey on their own path of self-expression.

Creativity Explored

6 art discipline areas to explore

2 Mountain Academy all school performances every year

34 student drama performers

60 instruments to play

Student Art in Our Community

Community Bee Project

“The Hive” was a collaboration using science and math to explore the questions: What can we learn from the bee community? And: How do we measure, calculate, and simplify the perimeter and area of a hexagon? A variety of Middle and Upper School students used charcoal to best depict the various textures of honeybees in black and white.

This piece was installed in the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson, Wyoming.


Wilson Bridge Mural

Mountain Academy 9th and 10th graders worked with the Snake River Fund in 2018 to paint the piers of the Wilson Bridge.

This piece can still be found under the Wilson Bridge in Wilson, Wyoming.


Cow in Motion

This mural was painted by Wyoming’s American Institute of Architects chapter with additional help from Mountain Academy art students. Spanning the length of the underpass, Upper School students added whimsical, colorful graphics to the monochrome stencil.

The mural is located near the entrance of the Jackson Campus off Wyoming Highway 22.



Mountain Academy’s seven family groups consist of students from all divisions. They come together biweekly to do various activities. This piece was inspired by Patrick Dougherty’s Finders Keepers as well as Jackson’s unique weather and seasons. All the family groups came together to support each other in the process of creating Transitions.

This piece hung in the Center for the Arts in the town of Jackson, Wyoming.