A Great Event in a Great State

Every year, since 1988, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department puts on the Wyoming Hunting and Fishing Heritage Expo in Casper, WY. The Expo celebrates Wyoming’s outdoor history, and Teton Science Schools participated again this year. The Expo draws outdoor and environmental organizations from throughout the state, and sets up fun, educational activities that kids and families can do together. Kids have the opportunity to learn skills in archery, canoeing, fishing, shooting, and more. Four field instructors (Vanessa Bergmann, Selena Humphreys, Rachel Gugich, and myself, Kelly Moberly) from Teton Science Schools set up a GPS scavenger hunt in the Expo, where kids got to navigate to waypoints and learn the difference between horns and antlers. The first two days of the Expo fell on Thursday and Friday. This allows schools from all over to come to the Expo as a field trip. We were able to meet hundreds of students, and get new teachers interested in coming to Teton Science Schools with their students. Saturday brought many families from the Casper area to the Expo as well.The Hunting and Fishing Heritage Expo was not only fun for kids and families, but for us too. I realized how passionate people in Wyoming are for the outdoors and protecting that tradition. When we signed in on the first day, we were given tickets to the Expo’s BBQ that took place on Friday night. We weren’t sure what to expect, but the “BBQ” ended up being a casual dinner attended by Gov. Dave Freudenthal! He gave an inspiring and humorous speech about Wyoming’s hunting and fishing traditions, and the importance of protecting the places we love to recreate in. The Governor also personally gave awards to the kids who won artwork and poetry contests for the Expo. We felt honored to be at the dinner, and it made us realize that although Wyoming is a big state, there is a tight-knit, statewide community that is working together to make sure Wyoming stays the amazing state it is. I cannot think of another state where such an event would take place, and I hope Teton Science Schools continues our involvement in the Expo for years to come.

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