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Cue the “AWWWW”: Must-see wildlife babies in Grand Teton National Park

June in Grand Teton National Park is a time of renewal. Spring bursts forth in a vibrant display of wildflowers, and amidst this paradise, a ...

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Witness the Green Wave in Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park is a land of wonders, from towering geysers to thundering waterfalls. But each June, a quieter spectacle unfolds across the meadows and ...

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TARTANS Take to Training in the Tetons

A unique trip brought together two RSC hub partners for intentional learning, memorable experiences, and crucial relationship building in the beautiful snow-covered Teton Mountains.

Recently, ...

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Ozarks Teacher Corps: Rural Place-based Learning in Missouri

We joined Teton Science Schools, Community Foundation of the Ozarks, and several RSC Grants in Place veteran teachers at a collaborative, rural teacher corps training ...
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Hearth and Home

The spirit of the Muries remains ever strong, exemplified through a remarkable honor bestowed upon long-time Murie Ranch Docent, Dan McIlhenny in 2021.

Grand Teton ...

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Help in coming up with ideas for Personal Projects or Community Projects

Tamarack, Idaho is home to one of the schools in the Place Network: Mountain Community School. Mountain Community School opened its doors to students for ...

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Partnership Highlight – Ruch Outdoor Community School

Finding Our Place at Ruch Outdoor


Written by Kim Neiswanger, First Grade Teacher, Ruch Outdoor Community School – Originally published in Applegater, an Oregon-based Community ...

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Place-Based Education and Ethnomathematics


Teton Science Schools’ Field Education Instructor Alex Sivitskis coauthored a study about place-based education and ethnomathematics titled: “Place-Based Approach to the Praxis of Ethnomathematics ...

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Community is Key to Rural Teachers’ Success: Wyoming’s New Rural Teacher Corps


By definition, rural schools are “located in remote geographical locations where the distance to an urban city is over 100 miles” (Campo Ringler ...

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From Jackson, Wyoming to Kampala, Uganda: Place-Based Education for Adults


When we think about place-based education (PBE), our minds often go first to children. That is, our Pre-K to 12th grade students, classrooms, and ...

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Dr. Jane Goodall receives the 2022 Murie Spirit of Conservation Award: The Future is in Our Children’s Hands

At age 88, Dr. Jane Goodall has lived a full life. Best known for her groundbreaking research of wild chimpanzees that spanned six decades, Dr. ...

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Teton Science Schools To Host Public Speaker Series Featuring Educator And Mathematician Paul Zeitz

MOOSE, Wyo. – Teton Science Schools is pleased to welcome author, educator, and self-proclaimed math “evangelist” Paul Zeitz as the first speaker in its 2022-2023 ...

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