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Since 1967, Teton Science Schools has taught students about the natural world and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Through the study of nature, the organization has taught, trained, and inspired thousands of children, adolescents, and adults. Mountain Academy of Teton Science Schools offers a distinctive, experiential, place-based education from 18 months through grade 12. We believe that an excellent education engages all components of the child in learning experiences that address the multiple facets of human development.

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Jackson Campus

The Mountain Academy Jackson Campus is situated on 900 acres on the main campus of Teton Science Schools. The school is nestled in Coyote Canyon, providing ample opportunities for students to use the outdoors as a classroom. Students on the Jackson Campus start each morning with a quarter-mile walk up the canyon to their classrooms and spend a significant part of the day outside.

Teton Valley Campus

The Mountain Academy Teton Valley Campus is located just a few blocks from Main Street in downtown Victor, Idaho. The 10-acre campus includes houses for different grade levels, outdoor space, a library yurt, and space for the Farm & Garden program. Students spend a significant amount of time outside in the play yard, which is specifically designed for open-ended play.



We pursue an authentic educational approach grounded in the idea that children are competent, rich in potential, and capable of being the protagonists of their own learning. The multi-age preschool classroom focuses on the interests of the students, with teachers facilitating and guiding the process. Parents are viewed as partners, taking an active role in their children’s education through Parent Nights or volunteering in the classroom.

Academic Engagement

At Mountain Academy, teachers balance relevant instruction in the core subject areas with student-driven projects that foster investigation, collaboration, and critical thinking skills. As a result, Mountain Academy students are active participants in the learning process, developing the ability to own and express their unique thoughts and ideas.

Character Development

We place a strong emphasis on the growth of the individual child, including their social and emotional development. Students are encouraged to take intellectual risks, to ask and answer their own questions, and to express their unique thoughts and ideas. Mountain Academy faculty work hard to provide opportunities for student voice and choice to help foster children’s natural curiosity, creativity, and desire to learn and grow.

Community Focus

As members of a welcoming and supportive school community, Mountain Academy students develop a strong sense of belonging, and learn the importance of making positive contributions to their families, school, and local and global communities. Because guardians play a critical role in the education of their children, Mountain Academy faculty and staff cultivate strong partnerships with families.

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