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Schools, colleges, universities, early childhood education programs, and non-profits can get place-based education training and support for their educators and staff. Programs can span from 90-minute virtual workshops to two-days or more at your school or place to a week-long immersion experience at Teton Science Schools. We look forward to working with you to design experience for your team to bring more place-based teaching and learning to your work.

Consulting and Curriculum


Opportunities for nonprofits, higher education, and other education institutions to receive professional learning in Place-based Education.



Finding My Place is a learner-centered course that addresses key concepts in grades 4-8 science and social studies, using approaches such as project- and inquiry-based learning, design thinking, local-and-global scales of place, community as classroom, and interdisciplinary content. The Place Prism is at the center of the course. Students learn to become “placeologists,” studying their place through the lenses of ecology, culture, and economy, along the spectrum of time from history and into the future.

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So, why might you want to use the Finding My Place student course?

Finding my Place was designed to solve the problem of finding instructional materials to connect the Teton Science Schools place-based learning model and framework with the content your students need to learn. Aiming to ease challenges created by teacher shortages and turnover, Finding My Place also helps Place Network schools support teachers who are new to place-based education by offering a ready-to-use, displayable course that walks teachers and students through the learning experiences together.

Place Network School partners get access to our Place-based curriculum database with more example projects and lessons.