Outdoor Learning Experiences

Grand Teton National Park

As the exclusive educational partner of Grand Teton National Park. Teton Science Schools has the opportunity to bring all students into one of our nation's most iconic national parks. Grand Teton National Park is defined by its dramatic mountain range, pristine alpine lakes, sweeping valleys, thick forests, and wild rivers. Unlock the mysteries of this amazing park through focused scientific observation and place-based curriculum.

The Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve & Phelps Lake Area

Fire Ecology

Change is the only constant! Study the role of fire and other natural succession processes. Observe a burn area and learn its ecological and cultural story.

Taggart & Bradley Lakes

Glacier Ecology

Learn how glaciers shape the landscape and influence biology.

Schwabacher's Landing

Water Ecology

Examine the role of riparian habitats in Grand Teton National Park. Identify macroinvertebrates and understand their relationship with water quality. Compare water quality through chemical and physical testing across waterways and time.

Blacktail Butte


Use naturalist tools, including field guides and jeweler’s loupes, to identify and interpret scat, tracks, chewings, rubs, scrapes and other animal signs. Apply those skills to learn animal habitat, movements, diet, and adaptations.

Kelly Campus

Ecological Community Investigation

Explore and observe your surroundings in order to make connections between abiotic, biotic, and cultural factors in an ecosystem.

Snake River (Emily Stevens Pond)

Water Ecology

Explore, define, and investigate the concept of watersheds. Learn how to assess the health of your local watershed.

String Lake


Experience the beauty of Grand Teton National Park from the water as you learn and apply canoeing skills.

Death Canyon


Observe how geology drives biology. Compare and contrast morphological features of the Teton and Gros Ventre ranges.

Jenny Lake/Inspiration Point

Art and Ecology

Use art to express scientific understandings and deepen your understanding of the relationship between art and nature.

Ditch Creek

Field Research Project

Think like a scientist as you work your way through the science circle and participate in field-based hands-on research projects.

The Murie Ranch

Plant and Animal Adaptations

Deepen your understanding of how plants and animals survive seasonal change by exploring the unique adaptations that help local organisms cope with the extreme conditions found in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

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