Place Network

Place Network

As part of the Place Network, teachers and school leaders find the inspiration and solutions they need to break away from an outdated, test-heavy, one-size-fits-all system of education. Place Network helps teachers rebuild human connections and facilitate the kind of inspiring, authentic learning for which Teton Science Schools is famous.

Place Network schools work to: 

  1. Use learner-centered practices. Students, teachers, and leaders are active, resilient, lifelong learners. They feel deeply connected to learning about place and they demonstrate agency and self-efficacy.
  2. Establish the school as a center of community engagement and impact. Learners, teachers, and school leaders understand the history and present of their place and develop the transferable skills to learn about all places, at a scale ranging from local to global.
  3. Learners and teachers actively contribute to their community’s vitality. The school helps the community to be more ecologically resilient, economically vibrant, and culturally inclusive.
  4. Through engaging and relevant place-based content, learners meet or exceed academic targets.

“It’s pretty powerful stuff! We’ve learned so much and are getting the opportunity to apply the place-based principles to the context of Fairview. Needless to say, we’re ecstatic about this journey that we’re taking together as a school family!”

Tyler Simmons, Columbia School District

The Case

We are living in one of the most “connected” times in history, when children have the ability to engage with someone across the world, instantly. Meanwhile, the increased use of technology has been shown to negatively impact children’s health, attention span, and social-emotional development. So while they’re digitally connected to people all over the world, they are simultaneously disconnected—lacking meaningful engagement with peers, neighbors, and community members.

The Place Network provides much-needed support for schools seeking to solve these problems and undo the damage caused by the industrial model of education. The Place Network School Implementation Model seeks to reestablish these connections among children, between children and their communities, and between children and the natural environment.

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