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Learn more about Outdoor Learning Experiences for schools and classes, our residential campuses, and our wild classrooms - Grand Teton National Park and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

As Grand Teton National Park’s exclusive educational partner for over 50 years and since 1967, Teton Science Schools has been engaging learners of all ages to transformative place-based education. Whether investigating the local plants and animals of Grand Teton National Park or exploring the geothermal history of Yellowstone, Outdoor Learning Experiences participants develop a deeper connection to place, learn what it means to be a scientist, and return home more prepared to be learners within their communities.

“Teton Science Schools taught us how to think critically about our world and build careers as women. We spent the week hiking through the Tetons, identifying flora and fauna, discussing wilderness safety, experiencing land surveyance, and learning the basics of backpacking. This program changed my life because I returned to school feeling inspired, empowered, eager to learn, and driven to return to the Tetons to help people like TSS helped me.”

– Eleanor, Young Women and Science Participant

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Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park is one of our nation's most iconic parks and is defined by its dramatic mountain range, pristine alpine lakes, sweeping valleys, thick forests, and wild rivers. Unlock the mysteries of this amazing park through focused scientific observation and place-based curriculum.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is home to an unparalleled combination of natural beauty, rugged wilderness, and striking peaks. Immerse yourself in this dramatic ecosystem through first-hand experiences.

Boyles Hill

Boyles Hill is a conservation property that provides a huge range of benefits to the Teton Science Schools community in terms of ecology, economy, and culture. Here you will find inspiration from a deep history of stewardship.

Jackson Campus

Teton Science Schools Jackson Campus is located about five miles from the town of Jackson, WY. Perfectly poised to benefit from Jackson Hole’s unique setting and community, the nearly 900 acre Jackson Campus is comprised of creeks, ponds, aspen, conifer, grassland and sage habitats. The facility is designed for education, using Teton Science Schools’ expertise and skills accumulated in 50 years of outdoor environmental education.

Kelly Campus

The Kelly Campus is the original home of Teton Science Schools. Situated along the eastern edge of Grand Teton National Park and within a mile of the Bridger Teton National Forest, this wildlife corridor is comprised of aspen, conifer, grassland, sage, and riparian habitats. Formerly Elbow Ranch, the historic dude ranch, was restored and redesigned for educational purposes. It includes the Murie Museum, a wonderful collection of world-renowned specimens, and features one of the best views of the Teton Range.

Murie Ranch

Located about fourteen miles from the town of Jackson, WY, you will be staying at the Murie Ranch, a National Historic Landmark District in Grand Teton National Park. The Murie Ranch was home to the famed Muries. Mardy and Olaus Murie spearheaded conservation efforts and biological studies in Jackson Hole, serving as leaders in a field that continues to grow in importance today. The Murie Ranch is located at the intersection of sage, forest, and riparian habitat, providing the perfect setting for appreciating the natural beauty of the area, exploring, and reflecting on the need for these places..

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