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The Teton Valley Campus


Early Childhood

The Teton Valley Campus Early Childhood program for children ages 3-5 empowers children to construct their own learning.

Lower School

As students transition from Early Childhood, the Teton Valley Campus' Lower School continues to focus on learner-centered education to allow children’s ideas and interests to drive the curriculum.

Middle School

The Teton Valley Campus' Middle School program focuses on pairing essential academic skills with authentic, real-world learning.

Educational Approach

At Mountain Academy, we use Project-Based Education (PBE) to allow students to learn authentically about the world through in-depth inquiry, design, and sharing with a public audience. This dynamic approach to teaching and learning compels students to explore real-world questions and challenges while simultaneously developing interdisciplinary understandings and interpersonal skills. Projects can be as short as a few weeks or as long as a few months.

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Farm and Garden

All learners at Mountain Academy gain first-hand experience in sustainable food production, healthy meal preparation, humane farm animal care, and ecological land stewardship. The Teton Valley Campus is home to MA’s farm, and all learners participate in planting the campus garden and greenhouses in the spring, composting and mixing soil, selecting, maintaining, and harvesting crops, cooking garden meals, preserving food, and caring for farm animals (chickens, goats, and cats).

Outdoor Education

Outdoor education at Mountain Academy creates an awareness of the relationship between the environment and human life, harnesses an appreciation for the environment, and encourages students to learn about human and natural systems while using problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Students focus on learning outcomes from health and wellness, science, and community to culture domains.


We recognize that learning takes place in a number of contexts, the classroom being just one of them. Classrooms seek to deepen their learning by making connections with organizations, places, and people in the local community.
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Project Lab

Project-based learning (commonly referred to as “Project Lab”) is a hallmark on the Teton Valley Campus as we encourage students to ask and pursue their own questions about the world around them. Students engage in scaffolded project-based learning beginning in Kindergarten and gradually take on more responsibility and autonomy as they matriculate through the Lower School culminating in a 5th Grade capstone project.