Celebrating the Creativity of Young Minds in the Tetons: Species Accounts

Editor’s Note: Teton Science Schools Field Education experiences cultivate the skills of young scientists, artists, and naturalists. This week on the TSS blog, we celebrate the creativity of our students in a series of five posts featuring student work in just as many media: writing, drawing, painting, weaving, and mixed media. We hope you enjoy this nature-inspired work. Check out the earlier posts in this series: Writing

Inspired by the work of Olaus and Mardy Murie, species accounts challenge students to view the natural world through the lens of an artist, naturalist, and scientist. Specimens from the Murie Collection, part of the Murie Musuem at Teton Science Schools, provide perfect areas of focus for these studies. Through the detailed sketching, painting, and research that make up a species account, students create careful observations about species’ form and function.

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