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Place-Based Education Changes Lives Everyday

TSS is ready to get back to the work on changing lives through a lifelong love of learning. We serve learners of all ages in the following areas:

  • Curious Independent School Learners
  • Environmental Education
  • Outdoor Education
  • EdTech / Online L:earning
  • Conservation

A gift of any size supports the people, programs and places that make transformative place-based education possible.



TSS Annual Fund

Your gift to the Teton Science Schools’ Annual Fund supports the people, programs and places that make transformative place-based education possible. It supports students who become curious about the world around them and educators who leave TSS inspired to use the community as a classroom. It supports teachers and graduate students who become leaders in their fields. It supports historic buildings, learning facilities and outdoor classrooms that promote transformative education. It supports innovative educational programs and research that reach beyond the Tetons, into Wyoming, the United States, and the world.

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Mountain Academy Annual Fund 

Supporting Mountain Academy through charitable gifts, event participation, and volunteer time all create the strong community that exists today. Like most independent schools, tuition does not cover all the costs associated with a Mountain Academy education. Donations help support annual operating costs in areas such as faculty salaries, professional development, financial aid, and facility maintenance.

Mountain Academy is proud to have 100 percent parent/guardian participation in the annual Fall fundraising campaign. Each year, participation in the annual fund, regardless of amount, is evidence of our community’s deep loyalty and belief in the innovative education we provide. Gifts of any size are meaningful.

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The Murie Ranch Annual Fund

Mardy and Olaus were committed citizens who followed their passions and made a significant impact in the world of conservation. On an annual basis there are typically around 4,000 people who visit the Murie Ranch to learn about the teachings of the Murie family. However, in order to prioritize the health and safety of our community, our staff, and our visitors amidst the Covid-19 pandemic we have had to pause educational programs and docent-led tours at the Murie Ranch. A donation to the Murie Ranch Annual Fund during this time will help ensure we are able to emerge strong from the pandemic and ready to continue stewarding the Murie legacy for years to come.

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Ways to Support TSS

  • Make a gift online
  • Send a check payable to Teton Science Schools to: Teton Science Schools 700 Coyote Canyon Rd Jackson, WY 83001
  • Stock or Securities. The following information will enable your broker to facilitate an electronic stock transfer. Download Stock Transfer Protocol
  • Planned Gift

Call the Teton Science Schools’ Development Office anytime at 307-732-7765.

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Join the 1967 Legacy Society with a Planned Gift

Leaving a planned gift to Teton Science Schools enables you to leave a legacy while creating a lasting impact for future generations. With a variety of structures available, planned gifts can provide income to you and your family while offering tax advantages and flexibility should your circumstances change. Gifts can be tailored to your needs by taking into account your age, the amount you would like to give and your assets. Below are some of the many planned giving options. We are happy to work with you and your professional advisory team to help you determine the type of gift that best suits your financial plans, just email hannah.mook@tetonscience.org or call 307.732.7753.

  • Bequests: Direct a dollar amount, percentage, specific assets or a residuary amount of your estate to TSS in your will. This gift will be realized after your lifetime, can be accomplished simply and removes assets from your estate so they are not subject to estate taxes.
  • Life Insurance : Name TSS as the owner of a life insurance policy at any point in your life. Gifting life insurance can allow you to make a substantial gift without removing assets from your estate that you may wish to leave to family. Alternatively, naming TSS as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy is a simple way to make a gift now without affecting your current income.
  • Retirement Account: Name TSS as a beneficiary of all or a portion of your tax-deferred retirement plan (IRA or 401K). This gift will be realized after your lifetime and can be structured to make TSS a secondary or remainder beneficiary without affecting income to you or your current beneficiaries. This type of gift could offer your estate significant tax benefits.
  • Charitable Remainder Trust: Transfer assets into a charitable remainder trust. The donated assets will be removed from your estate, you or a designated beneficiary will receive income from the trust and the remainder, after your lifetime or a period of years, will go to TSS. A charitable remainder trust could provide tax benefits for your estate.
  • Charitable Lead Trust: Putting your assets into a charitable lead trust will enable you to make immediate payments to TSS , then leave the remainder of the trust to a designated beneficiary. The donated assets used to create the trust will be removed from your taxable estate.


To learn more about making a planned gift to TSS, please reach Josh Kleyman by emailing josh.kleyman@tetonscience.org or calling 307.732.7753.

Are There Changes to Charitable Contributions Amidst COVID-19?

I want to give more to charity than I usually do. Have the limits on charitable deductions changed?

Yes, they have. As part of the bill, donors can deduct 100 percent of their gift against their 2020 adjusted gross income.

The new deduction is only for cash gifts that go to a public charity. If you give cash to, say, your private foundation, the old deduction rules apply. And while the organizations that manage donor-advised funds are public charities, you do not get the higher deduction for donating cash to your donor-advised fund.

If your assets are substantial enough that you can give more than your income this year, you won’t lose the deduction for the excess amount. You can use it next year, as has always been the case.


Does the bill do anything about charitable donations?

Yes. The bill makes a new deduction available — and not just for 2020 — for up to $300 in annual charitable contributions. It’s available only to people who don’t itemize their deductions, and you calculate this new one by subtracting the amount you give from your gross income.

To qualify, you have to give cash to a qualified charity and not to a donor-advised fund, which is a charitable account that affluent people often use to bunch contributions in a particular year in order to maximize deductions. If you’ve already given money since Jan. 1, that contribution counts toward the $300 cap.

Language adapted from The New York Times